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Rigas Stradina Universitate (RSU) is a public University in Latvia covering 69 study programmes, among them 11 English-taught programmes, with a focus on medicine, pharmacy, rehabilitation, public health and selected areas of social sciences. The University has around 9000 undergraduate, graduate and professional programme students as a result RSU is one of the largest entities in the Baltic States in the area of medicine, health sciences and pharmacy, and the only universal medical university in Latvia. The RSU holds a unique place in Latvia’s scientific field, providing a full research cycle from laboratory to hospital bed. RSU has a high level of internationalisation with 2350 international students from 59 countries. RSU processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified (Bureay Veritas) and therefore RSU possesses a managerial capacity required by complex projects. RSU is currently amongst the top 3 Latvian Institutions considering research outputs such as patents and is one of the top 3 institutions that receive the highest funding for research in Latvia.

An ever-increasing attention is paid to the transfer of knowledge and technologies by integrating knowledge in the basic functions of the University, and also transforming knowledge in to products and services that are useful to the society. There are five doctorate study programmes operating at RSU – medicine, pharmacy, sociology, law, political science and seven doctorate councils: with bases in medical science, internal medicine, surgery, medicinal biomechanics, dentistry, pharmacy, sociology.