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 V.Groma_.jpgWP4 leader: Valeria Groma, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., leading researcher, head of Joint Laboratory of ElectronMicroscopy, Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology, Riga Stradins University. Main domains of research: cellular vulnerability of different brain regions under exposure of chronic inflammatory process; application of imaging techniques for assessment of brain pathology; structural and ultrastructural assessments of the synovial membrane in common disabling joint disorders; morphological assessment of viral contribution to the development of autoimmune disease. She has strong experience in leadership of Latvian Academy of Sciences and Latvian Council of Science supported grants. 

WP4 objectives:

  • Promote existing personnel capacity with competences in morphology for advanced autoimmune disease research;
  • Build capacity and transfer knowledge by involving undergraduate and post-graduate students
  • Master in new morphological and immune-histochemical approaches of tissue damage and remodelling detection;
  • Promote and strengthen the collaboration inside of multidisciplinary unit;
  • Establish personal contacts with the researchers from partnering countries to facilitate RSU integration in the ERA.

4.1 Secondment organization and coordination for an increase in staff knowledge in morphology
4.2 Invitation of experts in morphology for knowledge transfer, participation in workshops and short-term training
4.3 Organization of a workshop, planned for months 22-24 on “Morphological studies in autoimmune disease research

D4.1 Materials on successful workshop accomplishment including guidelines (M27)

Recorded videos

Lecture "Multiplex Technology for Biomarkers Determination" led by Dr Boris Gilburd

In the RSU Institute of Microbiology and Virology on 29 March, 2022

Watch the recording of the lecture here: