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 S.Doniņa.jpgWP2 leader: Simona Doniņa is Leading Researcher at the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of Riga Stradiņš University and consulting physician at Riga East University hospital. She is an oncologist and immunologist with an expertise in melanoma and her clinical and scientific interests are associated with tumor immunology, immunotherapy, cancer biomarkers and autoimmunity in association with cancer. She is representative of Latvian Association of Immunologists in European Federation of Immunology Societies. 

WP2 objectives:

  • Promote existing personnel competences in theoretical and practical immunology for advanced autoimmune disease research;
  • Master new approaches of autoimmunity analysis;
  • Promote and strengthen collaboration inside the multidisciplinary unit;
  • Establish personal contacts with researchers from partnering countries to facilitate RSU integration in ERA.

2.1  Secondments organization and coordination for increasing of staff knowledge in immunology 
2.2  Invitation of experts in immunology for knowledge transfer, participation in workshops and short-term training
2.3  Organization of 3-day workshop “New trends in autoimmune diseases immunological profiling"

D2.1  Materials on successful workshop accomplishment, including guidelines (M16)