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Founded in 1967, UHU enjoys an excellent reputation for innovative research and interdisciplinary training. ULM University is the youngest in Germany (founded in 1967), which have 5 faculties (i.e. Computer Science; Engineering; Mathematics and Economics; Medicine; and Natural Sciences) and now more than 10,000 students. Biomedicine and Biotechnology are a major focus of the university's research program. With help by InnoSüd at Ulm University, there is unique support for technology transfer to SMEs (…), most recently, ERC-Proof of Concept projects by Prof. Jelezko (NDI) und Prof. Kirchhoff (Epi-X4Health) have been founded. These concepts provide a new focus on the use of peptides and technologies to understand immune deviations are as autoimmune dysfunction, and eventually lead to new treatment and disease prevention. Experiences at Ulm University will be highly useful to transfer to young investigators from the Baltic area. Knowledge transfer will be part of summer school initiatives as well.

VirA Project Team

Marion Schneider
Partner Coordinator, Professor
Ning Dan
Doctor of Medicine
Karl Föhr
Assistant Professor
Li Chen
PhD student
Tabea Hein
PhD student